Meet the CEO – Chuck McDowell

Chuck McDowell’s Keen Focus on Genuine Customer Service

What ever happened to good old-fashioned manners? Many of us wonder what happened to ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’. Along with the subtle yet slow disappearance of decent manners, many of us find ourselves searching for businesses that are near relics of a by-gone era. The majority of friendly ‘Mom and Pop’ shops have given way to massive corporations. Is this the death toll for good businesses? Is it the end of businesses that focus on sincere and genuine customer service? Fear not. At Wesley Financial Group,TimeShare Tales - Chuck McDowell our President & CEO, Chuck McDowell is determined to keep our company a pillar of exemplary customer service. Looking at customer service in the United States, changes in societal standards on manners, technological advancements, and ever-increasing globalization is a great way to observe the societal changes in manners, and ultimately, customer service. The choice we must make is whether we will let the evolution of the business world change for better. With leaders like Chuck McDowell in industries around the globe, we can hope that genuine customer service remains a staple part of business growth worldwide.

America: The Land of Customer Service and Smiles

It’s safe to say that the United States is one of the top nations when it comes to customer service. As a country of immigrants, smiling was an essential way to communicate during the waves of immigration throughout the earlier years of our nation. As a result, smiling has become entrenched in the American persona. Have you ever traveled abroad and noticed how everyone smiles when you return to the United States? It’s something that you may not notice until you go abroad and start smiling at everyone. People may comment on how often you smile, depending on where you travel. Although there are other countries that smile just as much, if not more than the United States; in the U.S., smiling is a part of our national identity. We are a friendly-folk, and we like to show our pearly whites.

If this friendly persona is entrenched within our national identity, how come it seems that people aren’t as nice as they used to be? Why does it feel like ‘the bigger the better’ is an oxymoron? How many companies have gotten so big that they lose focus on genuine customer service? Globalization, a term often used in the beginning of the 21st century, has affected the United States; both on a positive and negative level. As we are becoming increasingly connected to the world around us via technology, transportation, and more; the change in both global and local trends have a large impact on communities big and small. In addition, our worldwide population is growing at a fast rate. But going global and increasing in business, isn’t an excuse or reason to lose great customer service. Chuck McDowell recognizes this, even as the timeshare cancellation industry continues to grow.

Society Has Changed and So Have Manners, Is Population Growth or Technological Advancements the Culprit or Blessing?

Society has changed for the better in many aspects. Gender equality is on the rise, and well as many other positive social trends. With our population growing exponentially, it is ever more important to remember your manners. We’ve started sharing space with far more neighbors than we did in the past. Many people have seen the rise of populations in rural areas, and cities grow at an exhausting rate. Some places around the nation have seen towns shrink. Whether you are a resident of a big city or small town, you know that manners have changed a lot in the past 30 years. Is this a cyclic phenomenon? Each older generation says that the younger generation lacks the manners that once belonged to them in their youth. Maybe there is something to be said about the seeming disappearance of manners.

While the worldwide population is definitely booming, advancements in technology have certainly affected the way we communicate with one another. Are these technological advancements a detriment to our evolution or a blessing? Depends on who you ask. As many CEO & President’s like Chuck McDowell understand, with great power comes great responsibility. Indeed, to carry a smartphone in one’s hand is the equivalent of carrying a computer with you wherever you go. This computer enables you to contact anyone at a moment’s notice, retrieve information at a split section, and at the same time, cause an inability to turn away or shut off the device.

TimeShare Tales - Interpersonal Relationships

Despite the way in which technology is causing a disconnect to many interpersonal relationships, it is important to also see the positive aspects of technology. For one, family members, friends, and co-workers can find each other easier than before. Gone are the days of completely losing track of someone. Now, with the simple use of social media, it is very likely that you can re-connect with anyone. In addition, living on opposites sides of the world is no longer as isolating as it may have been in the past. Now, you can stay connected to family and friends while living on the other side of the globe. With the ability to stay connected all the time, are people forgetting their manners? What about manners in the workplace?

Keeping Manners in the Workplace

As many workers have a smartphone or other form of technology at their fingertips, does this assist or hurt overall customer service? Quite frankly, it has the ability to do both. Workers can decide whether they would rather give their full attention to company clients, or whether they would rather scroll their newsfeed on Facebook. Again, with great power comes great responsibility. We’ve always been evolving as a species, so that is why it is important that our leaders help guide us to be the best we can be. This includes keeping our manners in the workplace. The customer service that is the key to the idealized American persona exists in both ‘Mom and Pop’ shops and large corporations. The trick is having a leader who encourages genuine customer service. Chuck McDowell encourages a healthy workplace environment that is customer-focused.

TimeShare Tales - Customer Focused Environment

What is the make-up of a workforce? Why a workforce is made up of people – the workers. When workers are trained a certain way, they are bound to reflect the company culture that exists in the workplace. Chuck McDowell ensures that the positive changes in our society are integrated in the company culture in a positive way. Despite the way in which people utilize technology for positive or negative purposes, it all comes down to which purpose you choose. Chuck McDowell is a leader who has a keen focus on genuine customer service. It’s something that is not only ingrained into the American persona, but the company culture at Wesley Financial Group. Connect with us if you have a time share cancellation question. We want to help you find the solution that is best for you. Our customer-focused business means that we will do everything in our power to help you on you journey. Contact us today if you have any questions.