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Wesley Financial & Standing the Test of Time: Why Wesley Financial Continues to be a Beacon of Hope in the Timeshare Cancellation Industry

When we think of a beacon, we think of something that guides us through troubling times – a light in the darkness. To be a beacon of hope to others is an aspiration that many businesses aim towards. Wesley Financial is a beacon of hope in the timeshare cancellation industry. Shining bright to those who cannot seem to find their way in the darkness, we can help you through rough times when you feel lost and ever close to the unknown. Sailing your ship in rough waters is frightening, especially when the territory is unknown to you. Like the ancient lighthouse in the city of Alexandria, Egypt to the lighthouses of Maine, guiding ships on their way, or to warn them of rocky or dangerous coastlines; Wesley Financial stands like a beacon. Our light does not dim over time, nor during dark skies or fierce storms. Our company, Wesley Financial, continues to be a beacon of hope and stand the test of time.

TimeShare Tales - Beacon of Hope

Wesley Financial is akin to a lighthouse as we continue to be a beacon of hope; standing as something tall and bright, to guide the weary home and protect them from the pitfalls that may lie ahead. Like a lighthouse shining bright, Wesley Financial won’t go out. Our business won’t grow dim. We will remain a steadfast reminder of hope in darkness and uncertainty for our clients now, and for those who come to us in the future. We also stand tall and firm like a lighthouse set amidst the dark and rocky coastline. The opposite can be said of many businesses who far from being beacons of hope, grow dim when the skies become dark. What distinguishes Wesley Financial from other businesses in the timeshare cancellation industry? What is it that fuels our bright beacon, and how are we able to continue the supply the fuel line? It takes more than just a keen business sense. A lot of businesses come and go, but some manage to thrive no matter what obstacles are thrown their way. Let’s look at why some stand the test of time and remain a beacon to light the way.

Why Certain Businesses Not Only Survive but Thrive

Businesses that are seemingly immemorial and steadfast, how do they do it? Some of the businesses of we think of when we think of immemorial and steadfast businesses include both large and small businesses. Nevertheless, it is interesting to wonder why certain businesses not only survive but thrive as the years go by.

Some ideas, people, and principles stand the test of time. Some of these ideas, people and principles create businesses, both large and small, that stand the test of time themselves. These business creations are born of the stuff of which dreams are made; but knowledge, hard work, foresight, and honesty are the water and sunlight to these business creations.

What makes businesses this way? No matter how you go about researching what makes a great business, they all seem to have a similar thread. Most of the time, these businesses possess quality customer service, commitment to customers, a healthy company culture that shines through in their employees, honesty, and success. At Wesley Financial, we take to heart all these positive attributes and strive to meet them each and every day. Most importantly, we believe in providing our customers with the best care that they can receive.

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Quality Customer Focus

Providing quality customer service cannot be stressed enough. In order to achieve that, it is important to carry on honest and deep dialogue with clients. In our company, our leader Chuck McDowell has been a prominent leader as he leads by example. His thoughtful and caring approach to our customers’ concerns is the cornerstone to Wesley Financial. It is a shining point to which all of our employees aspire. Our company is founded on such principles, and we would be glad to help you on your journey through timeshare cancellation. You don’t have to do it alone.

According to Eric T. Wagner, self-titled “serial-entrepreneur”, in his Forbes article, “Five Reasons why 8 out of 10 Business Fail”, Wagner gives five reasons why businesses may fail. The first reason he mentions in his article is, “Reason #1: Not really in touch with customers through deep dialogue.” Wagner states, “In my experience…complete understanding of your customer is imperative to your success.” Wagner further expands the conversation by stating, “Listen — in my mind, entrepreneurs must walk 1,000 miles in the shoes of their customers. Not 10. Not 100. One thousand.” Wagner implores, “Your customer holds the key to your success…dialogue is key. And 140-character tweets don’t count. Real dialogue with real customers (via whatever channel is best for them).” (Wagner, 2013).

TimeShare Tales -Chuck McDowellChuck McDowell, our leader, spent years in the timeshare industry before starting our company in the timeshare cancellation industry. He has spent years not only listening to customers but truly understanding them on both sides. Chuck McDowell has walked “1,000 miles in the shoes” of our customers, and he has created the company culture of Wesley Financial to do the same. Focusing on customers, among other qualities, is one of our strong suits. You are the reason we are here. Let us help you. As hard work and determination show, it is possible to stand the test of time.

Standing the Test of Time

The timeshare cancellation success of Wesley Financial was an idea of Chuck McDowell’s that has blossomed into an industry, where many businesses attempt to follow suit. Wesley Financial is an immemorial and steadfast business. For a business to last, there are quite a few positive attributes that must exist within a company. Quality customer service is at the top of our list. We strive to the best we can be for our clients and help them through any concerns or troubles that they may be having during the timeshare cancellation process. Wesley Financial was founded in 1989, and we’re not going anywhere. If anything, our aim to keep reaching outwards to help our clients. Our strong commitment to our clients can be seen in the day-to-day ways in which we run our business.

To stand the test of time is quite a feat. Despite any obstacles that Wesley Financial may have been through in the past, we have overcome them and continue to forge ahead. The spirit of our company is like a lighthouse shining bright for everyone to see, helping our clients. Similarly, we’ve created a steadfast company that keeps strong throughout the strong storms, just like a brilliant light beaming from a lighthouse. We aim to continue to be a beacon of hope.

If you have any questions about Wesley Financial or timeshare cancellation, call our offices to schedule a time to speak with us. We would love to hear your story and see if it is possible for us to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices. Once we hear your story, we can see what steps can be taken to help you in your situation. Let us be a beacon of hope to you and your family.

Wagner, Eric T. (September 12, 2013). Five Reasons 8 out of 10 Businesses Fail.