No Matter the Generation, We’re All the Same Deep Down: Addressing Any Wesley Financial Group Complaints for All Our Present and Future Clients

Stop with the generational gap wisecracks already; we are all fundamentally the same deep down. Sure, we may have had different childhoods when growing up. Perhaps some of us were given a little more freedom than others when it came to playing outside. No matter what generation we belong to based on our birth year, we are all people deep down. People who experience the same fundamental feelings, questions, and desires. We all want to be treated fairly and with respect.

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Despite any generational differences, whether you are a part of the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomer, Generation X (Baby Bust), Millennial, or otherwise, you still deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. (Bump, 2015). When you’ve been deceived or misled in a timeshare, you still deserve to get quality assistance from a company that has withstood many tests. You may have found or seen Wesley Financial Group Complaints online or elsewhere, and we are ready to address any questions that you may have straight on. We don’t “hide the ball” at Wesley Financial Group. If you have any questions about Wesley Financial Group Complaints, we would be more than happy to address any concerns that you may have.

Whether Generational or Not: Overcoming Categorization Bias

As humans, we tend to categorize whether that has to do with gender, age, generation, or otherwise. In his article, “Destined to Stereotype? How the Mind’s Gift for Grouping Gets Us into Trouble”, Dr. David Sack states, “With each encounter in our lives, we categorize. It’s a survival skill that allows our brains to make sense of an endless flow of data. Without it, we would have to puzzle out the meaning of each person and object individually rather than, say, assigning that speeding car to the “reckless driver” category and getting out of its way.” (Sack, 2014). Whether we are being categorized based on our generation or which industry we work for, it’s all the same. As humans, we tend to group people together and assign certain characteristics to that group altogether. This creates assumptions about who we are as individuals or companies. In the timeshare advocacy industry, there may be some complaints made about some companies. Indeed, there may be questions regarding Wesley Financial Group complaints. Having the opportunity to address them with both our present and future clients is important to us. Just as individuals shouldn’t be assumed to be a certain way, so it should be for individual businesses.

In his article, Dr. Sack further states, “But this ability, and the ease and unconsciousness with which we do it, can lead us to distorted perceptions, sometimes with results harmful to others and ourselves. For example, research has shown that items or people placed in a group are perceived as more alike than they really are — and as more different from other groups than they really are. The fine details are overlooked in favor of the easier-to-process generality. It’s a recipe for stereotypes. “When we categorize, we polarize,” notes author and theoretical physicist Leonard Mlodinow in his book Subliminal.” (Sack, 2014). The opportunity to address questions and concerns about assumptions is important. Everyone should be treated with respect and treated fairly.

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Dr. Sacks article further states, “When people are the ones being categorized, the effect can be profound. We may think we judge people as individuals and without bias, but if we don’t have the time, opportunity or inclination to get to know them well, we turn to their social category for our understanding of them, sometimes without even knowing it. It can lead to unwarranted assumptions, both negative and positive.” (Sack, 2014). What does this article tell us? We’re hard-wired to make broad generalizations and categorize, but we don’t have to stick to this. We can understand that it is important for us to see beyond such broad generalizations and categorizations. We can overcome any assumptions about any person from any particular categorization, whether that be generation-related or otherwise. When it comes down to it, we’re all the same deep down, whether we were born in 1953, 1984, or 2002. By overcoming stereotypical thinking, we can broaden our understanding. We’ve spanned every generation from the Greatest Generation to the Millennial, what about the next one? What is the name of the up-and-coming generation? Does it really matter? A writer from The New York Times decided to ask someone younger people in that generation, and there were some interesting responses.

The Up-and-Coming Generation: Post-Millenials, iGeneration or Generation Z

Interestingly, when the up-and-coming generation was asked by the New York Times what they would like to be called, some of the responses included, “Don’t call us anything. The whole notion of cohesive generations is nonsense,” to “Our whole generation shouldn’t be branded by Apple. Gen Z is the final generation of the 1900s, and a generational title using the last letter in the alphabet seems fitting.” (Bromwich, 2018). These hit the nail on the head perfectly. No matter what names the next generation is given, one thing is certainly clear: everyone is still the same deep down. When that generation comes of age to purchase timeshares, and if they have issues in the timeshare industry, they will need someone to come to the rescue. Addressed Wesley Financial Group complaints is something that we are more than comfortable with talking about. We plan on being and are available to all generations, in order to support those who have been misled or deceived in the timeshare industry.

Wesley Financial Group Complaints

At Wesley Financial Group, we don’t shy away from any news, especially if it deals with us. If you have a question regarding Wesley Financial Group complaints, and you would like it answered, please feel free to contact our offices. We are always open to discuss any concerns that you may have. We think that everyone, no matter what generation you come from, should be treated with

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respect. Is it too much to ask to treat everyone with the decency and fairness they deserve? At Wesley Financial Group, we don’t think it is at all. We won’t judge you or assume anything based on preconceived notions created about your generation. Although it’s easy for some people to categorize everyone into one group or a few groups of people, we believe that everyone deserves to be seen and treated as an individual. That’s why we will never make assumptions about our clients. With Wesley Financial Group complaints, we know what it is like to be grouped into categories with negative preconceived notions. Not only will we openly answer any questions, but we will never group you in any category. We’re here to help you to cancel your timeshare or reduce your level of ownership. If you’ve been misled, manipulated, or misled in your timeshare purchase or upgrade, please contact our offices for assistance.

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